Courts We Attend

Our team at Faraj Defence Lawyers are committed to ensuring justice for all our clients facing any criminal or traffic law related charges.

Our specialised lawyers travel across all courts of New South Wales, offering our defence for a spectrum of matters, whether it's a minor speeding fine to high-profile criminal accusations, no case is too trivial or too complex.

Our extensive representation in various courts across NSW has led to a commendable record of achieving not-guilty verdicts, section 10 dismissals and successfully downgrading charges.

Our unwavering commitment to defending our clients’ rights has consistently led to triumphant exits from the courtroom. Which is why, no matter your location, Faraj Defence Lawyers always has and continues to show up, standing by your side and advocating on your behalf.

List of Courts

We appear in all courts across NSW, with years of experience in courtrooms as well as well-established relationships with the presiding Judges and Magistrates, has allowed us to effectively advocate for our clients. If you've been charged at any of the following courts, call one of our lawyers and receive immediate, expert advice.

Local Courts We Attend

  • Parramatta Court

  • Downing Centre Court

  • Sydney Central Court

  • Liverpool Court

  • Bankstown Court

  • Bathurst Court

  • Blacktown Court

  • Burwood Court

  • Camden Court

  • Dubbo Court

  • Fairfield Court

  • Goulburn Court

  • Hornsby Court

  • Lismore Court

  • Mount Druitt Court

  • Newtown Court

  • Penrith Local Court

  • Port Macquarie Court

  • Sutherland Court

  • Tamworth Court

  • Taree Court

  • Tweed Heads Court

  • Windsor Court

  • Wollongong Court

  • Newcastle Court

  • Campbeltown Court

  • Katoomba Court

District Courts

  • Parramatta District Court

  • Sydney District Court

  • Bathurst District Court

  • Dubbo District Court

  • Goulburn District Court

  • Lismore District Court

  • Newcastle District Court

  • Penrith District Court

  • Tamworth District Court

  • Wollongong District Court

  • Campbeltown District Court

  • Albury District Court

Supreme Courts We Attend

  • Supreme Court of NSW

What to Expect in Court

Arrival and Check-in

When attending any court in NSW, it is essential to arrive early, most courts open at around 9:00AM whilst the courtrooms open at 9:30AM.

Upon arrival you will go through a security screening, you and your belongings will be scanned to check for prohibited items. After that, our team at Faraj Defence Lawyers will assist you in checking in and locating the correct courtroom.

Court Etiquette

In NSW courts, maintaining proper etiquette is crucial. This includes standing when a Judge or Magistrate enters or exits, addressing them correctly and remaining polite and composed. Our Lawyers will guide you on appropriate conduct to ensure you make a positive impression.

Outcome and next steps

Some court cases can last a few days to weeks. After every court session our team will discuss your position, potential outcomes, next steps and any additional actions to help win your case. Our commitment is to support you throughout the entire case, addressing any uncertainties and preparing for the road ahead.

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Navigating through legal processes can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. At Faraj Defence Lawyers, we are here to offer our expertise and support. Whether you have a court-related inquiry, require legal representation, or simply seek guidance, we encourage you to reach out to us. If you or anyone you know has any criminal or traffic related charges, call us today and book your free initial consultation.

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