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Faraj Defence Lawyers are one of the leading Criminal Lawyers in Parramatta. Providing a fresh and unique approach to each case, we ensure you are met with unwavering support, compassionate advocacy, and expert legal guidance without breaking the bank.

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Looking for a Parramatta Criminal Lawyer?

Facing criminal charges can be a challenging experience, and our team is dedicated to providing not only legal expertise but also empathetic support to ease the journey. If you're in search of reliable Criminal Lawyers in Parramatta, Faraj Defence Lawyers is your trusted partner, ready to guide you through your legal challenges with competence, compassion, and cost-effectiveness.

Why choose Faraj Defence Lawyers as your Parramatta Criminal Lawyer?

Choosing Faraj Defence Lawyers as your criminal lawyer in Parramatta ensure that you are represented by a firm with a leading record in achieving positive results for their clients.
We are known for leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice, offering a personal and direct experience for all of our clients. We have a commitment to putting the needs of our clients first, and have secured countless non-guilty verdicts and non-conviction penalties.

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Criminal Offences we defend against in Parramatta

At Faraj Defence Lawyers, we strive to provide the utmost service and unrivalled support for your case. We recognise that legal challenges vary widely, and our seasoned team is equipped to handle an array of criminal charges with skill and precision.

Our Parramatta Criminal Lawyers are able to assist with the following Criminal Offences:

Need representation at Parramatta Police Station?

It can be a very overwhelming experience if you’ve been arrested and find yourself taken to Wentworthville Police Station (Acting Parramatta Police Station).

Whether you’re facing questioning, charges or simple need advice, having an expert criminal lawyer is crucial. At Faraj Defence Lawyers, we understand the urgency and sensitivity of every case. We are just a phone call away and ready to provide immediate assistance and robust representation. 

Call us now at (02) 8896 6034 or 0452 422 691 for 24/7 support.

Courts we attend in Parramatta

Our skilled Criminal Lawyers at Faraj Defence Lawyers have made hundreds of appearances in Parramatta Courts, assisting clients with court proceedings to ensure our clients feel safe. Trust our team to guide you through the intricacies of the legal system in Parramatta with skill and confidence.

Courts we attend in Parramatta

Our skilled Criminal Lawyers at Faraj Defence Lawyers have made hundreds of appearances in Parramatta Courts, assisting clients with court proceedings to ensure our clients feel safe. Trust our team to guide you through the intricacies of the legal system in Parramatta with skill and confidence.

Parramatta Local Court

If you find yourself facing any indictable or summary offences such as common assault, drug-related charges, traffic offences and others, then your matter is likely to be heard in Parramatta Local Court. Our extensive experience in this court allows us to craft tailored strategies that resonate with the local judiciary.

Our deep familiarity with Parramatta Local Court sets us apart. Having represented numerous clients in this jurisdiction, we understand the unique dynamics, preferences, and considerations of the local judiciary.

Parramatta District Court

Parramatta District Court hears cases involving indictable offences, meaning they are more serious in nature. At Faraj Defence Lawyers we hold a reputable history of providing legal representation at Parramatta District Court, specialising in cases involving:

  • Offences related to prohibited drugs, including supply, production, cultivation and importation charges

  • Offence concerning assault occasioning ABH or GBH

  • Offences involving break and enter, robbery cases, armed robbery 

  • Offences related to substantial fraud and property related charges

  • Accusations of sexual assault and other related offences 

  • Bail applications 

  • Appeals 

  • Sentencing hearings 

Should you find yourself confronted with any of these serious charges, your legal proceedings will take place at Parramatta District Court. Leveraging our extensive experience, we are well-prepared to navigate a range of legal processes in order to deliver comprehensive and tailored legal support for any case heard at this court.

Parramatta Children’s Court

Navigating legal proceedings involving young individuals demands a nuanced and compassionate approach, and at Faraj Defence Lawyers, we understand the significance of this sensitivity.

Our legal team is highly skilled in manoeuvring the unique nuances of Parramatta Children’s Court, offering representation characterised by empathy, respect, and reassurance for both the young individuals and their families. Typically, proceedings in the Children's Court are closed to the public, maintaining confidentiality to safeguard the young people involved, prioritising the child's best interests. 

Governed by the Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 (NSW), the Children's Court addresses most criminal matters involving individuals under 18, provided the charges are filed before they reach 21. Exceptions include serious indictable offences and certain traffic offences. 

If you are dealing with legal matters involving young individuals at Parramatta Children’s Court, trust Faraj Defence Lawyers to deliver the understanding and effective representation necessary for such delicate cases.

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Billy Ciric

Well spoken gentleman. Very knowledgeable in his art & down to earth. Extremely persistent with his communication & informative with his advice.


Top lawyer, thanks Ahmad. I had a serious charge with a lot to lose and Ahmad got my charge dismissed very easily and knows what he’s talking about.

Paul D.

Being in the business myself where trust, knowledge, experience and integrity is most important…You displayed it all, way and beyond.I can’t express in words how thankful and relieved the family and I are.

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Discover our extensive legal services by visiting our Parramatta office, conveniently in the heart of Parramatta CBD. Our team at Faraj Defence Lawyers are ready to assist you with any legal challenge you face, providing professional, personalised legal support. 

Whether you require advice, consultation, or representation, our Parramatta office provides a welcoming and confidential environment. Schedule a visit today to discuss your legal needs and embark on a path to effective resolution.

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We are conveniently located in Parramatta Square. If you are arriving via public transport, make sure you get off at Parramatta Station and we are next door. If you are arriving via car, it’s best that you park your car at Parramatta Westfields as it’s only a 5-minute walk to Parramatta Square.

Once you are in the lobby of Parramatta Square, head to the lifts and press for floor 14. When you have arrived on floor 14, make your way to office 3. If you still can’t find our office please feel free to give us a call at (02) 8896 6034

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March 17, 2024

Not guilty verdicts awarded for our client who was charged with assault and breaching an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order

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Sydney man avoids jail time for high range drink driving resulting in crash

March 17, 2024

Sydney banker avoids jail time for a charge of high range drink driving, resulting in a crash after a Christmas party

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Man found not guilty of 7 charges of serious domestic violence allegations

March 17, 2024

Our client was facing 7 serious charges of domestic violence and was found not guilty after court accepts the allegations were a fabrication.

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