Man found not guilty of 7 charges of serious domestic violence allegations

Our client was facing 7 serious charges of domestic violence and was found not guilty after court accepts the allegations were a fabrication.

Our client, a 38 year old sales manager from Sydney, was charged with 7 counts of domestic violence including:  

  1. Common assault
  1. Assault occasioning actual bodily harm  
  1. Stalk/Intimidate
  1. Threaten to damage/destroy property

During the course of his marriage with his partner, several arguments arose, which caused the relationship to breakdown. After the breakdown of the relationship, our client began blaming the complainant for the death of their son, which caused the complainant to leave the family home.

After the complainant left the home, she called the police and made several allegations of assault, which caused our client to be arrested and charged by police. Our client maintained his innocence and was adamant that the allegations were a fabrication, motivated by the complainant's dislike and anger towards him, as a way to "get him back".

The complainant presented her testimony in court and underwent rigorous cross-examination by Mr. Faraj, regarding both the timing of her allegations, disparities between the injuries she described references by fake photographs and her clear motive to make historical allegations around the time of the breakdown of the relationship.

During cross-examination, the prosecution's case was dismantled as neither the complainant nor the police could account for the inconsistencies and holes in the prosecution case.

Given the inconsistencies and weaknesses in the prosecution's case, the court could not be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt and returned verdicts of not guilty to each offence and our client was able to put this nightmare behind him.

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