Two men avoid jail time for serious charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company in Sydney

Two men have avoided serious jail time for offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in Lidcombe On 17 June 2023.

On 17 June 2023, two brothers were involved in a road rage altercation in Lidcombe NSW. Due to an argument at a set of lights between the parties, the two men exited their vehicle and assaulted the man, who sustained significant injuries. The altercation resulted in 18 members of the public calling 000.

The men were both facing up to 7 years in jail for these offences upon their pleas of guilty before Burwood Local Court.

At court, substantial arguments were made on their behalf to the court in relation to:

  1. The objective seriousness;
  2. Extent and nature of injuries;
  3. Degree of violence;
  4. Mental health;
  5. High levels of provocation by the victim;
  6. Their history;
  7. The remorse shown; and
  8. Their risk of re-offending.

After lengthy sentence proceedings, the court was convinced to not send the men to jail sentences after considering all of the factors of the case, not just the prosecution case.

As opposed to jail time, both men were able to walk away from these charges with good behaviour bonds and a small monetary fine so they can move on with their life.

Strong attention to detail and specialist representation secured favourable results for both men.

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